& welcome to this gracious garden…

a gallery of underground earth threads, healing amulets, crystal jewelry, and home brewed herbals, handmade with loving energy and peace of mind.

~*Many, many thanks, for all the support you have given all us artists…you make our dreams a reality…shine on*~

~*Blessings & love everyone!*~

Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support and encouragement.  I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people throughout the years of Phunkybrewster’s Underground.

My gramma introduced me to sewin’ when I was just 6 years old, an’ for some reason, I just never stopped.  (I made my sister some pretty ugly-lookin’ doll clothes back then…hehehe)!  I was never the social bug, so I found a way to express myself through spirit & creativity…thanks gramma!   I guess the drive was the idea of creating something from the soul that actually had a practical use. This revelation I call the birth of my trade.  Everybody’s got one…a trade…we just gotta take the time to listen to the innerself to find it :c)  then SHARE IT…see what others have to share. It’s easy that way.  So……..like many kiddos out there, I began stitchin’ up goodies to make my way on tour…us mamas would all get in a big sewing circle to trade fabrics & sew together before hittin’ the road.  While attending NDSU starting 1993, I started sewing for a small theatre costume shop in Fargo, ND, thanks to mama Parsley.   It is here where I learned to design and work with patterns.  Later on down the line I began sewing and crafting for our local hemp and bead, formerly called The Lizard King.   It is here where I began to dabble with wire linking jewelry and of course, hemp…thanks Peggy-O :c)  I then moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul, where I worked at Global Village Imports full time.  On the side, sistren Jolea & I began sewing  threads for a little shop called Third Stone Under the Sun, and we continued to stitched our way to shows.  I now work from home, crafting independently to live the dream that I’ve longed to live…Imma on my way kids…hehehe…thanks to the help and support y’all have given me.

All clothing seams are serged, stitched, and topstitched where need be, by my careful and loving lil’ hands. I promise you’ll feel it!  I use all natural high quality ingredients for my herbals and take the utmost care in my jewelry design…all stones and crystals have been cleansed and charged with purity & vision.

Well, that ’bout ties it up, (with a big purty bow an’ everythin’). Thanks again, kiddo, for takin’ the time to get to know me…I hope you enjoy the site.

Take care, and lots of love,



As the holidays approach, I hope to stock up my site with some affordable goodies for your family.  I have posted a few new tops, a dress, a winter Grateful Dead coat, and some things for your little Sprites.

I know my postings have been scarce the past few months, as I work on a few customs and home projects.  I will be taking customs after Christmas again, so if you happen to have an idea brewing in your head, I’m sure we can come up with something fun together!

I hope this holiday season finds you all blessed, happy, and surrounded by family…

…much love all.

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