On our way to the Reggae Festival
Our home on wheels
Caleb giggling at
us smooching after
the ceremony
Trapper Peak, Montana
Not a bad
place to
break down, eh
Judah & Jack
looking for a spring
Shadus & Homer
(our grandpup)
Swim time

Phish New Years
Ewok Village Crew
Outside Ely, MN
My beautiful sister
Shadus &
Our brethren Kris,
an inspiration
Lochesa River, Idaho
Wicks, Lyndsey & T-money
on St. Pattie's Day
Glacier, Montana
Sara & Amanda with the goats
Mrs. Brook Beggin's
Weir Hot Springs winter journey
Dakota's birthday party at the farm
My lil'
sewing shack
outside our cabin
Our lil' cabin  in the hills
sleepy dog
Brook pup
Judah loves the snow... ...gotta roll in it!!!
my nieces & nephew
My sissy outside Bozeman, Montana
Judah's buddy Jack
Glacier, Montana
Kirby & his brother
Old Skool...hehehe!
G-rated @  Jerry Johnson
Hot Springs. with the family
Kirby...out on a limb
Rattlersnake Creek, MT
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Spearfish Canyon
(15 minutes away from our doorstep)
Hiking Devil's Bathtub
Parsley & me
Hiking Roughloch Falls
Hiking Roughloch Falls
Devil's Bathtub
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Patchwork Deals
Michelson Trail
Michelson Trail
Michelson Trail
Michelson Trail
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