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Images, graphics & designs copyright  c  2004-07 Phunkybrewster's Designs
Featuring removable cargo pocket sleeves that can be worn with this blouse or under the cuffs of any favorite tee.  A wild flower blossom is appliqued on each pocket.  The cuffs can also be used as inspiration from our dear sistren Cre.  If you have the time, check out her fabulous one of a kind corset legwarmers at Tangle Roots.
Pictured left as an example of wear...warmer cuffs from Mystic Sage.  You will be receiving the chocolate mousse cuffs (above) with the purchase.
Arm cuffs are pinned in place because my model was not available at the time of pics.  The Mystic sage blouse demonstrate how they would be worn.
Bodice brass buttons
Front pockets & brass buttons
Handmade hoody tassel