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If you have any questions or wish to make a purchase, please type the item name(s) in the box below along with your contact information...blessings***
Thank you for your visit!!!
***For Gallery policies and information, please scroll down below***
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Purchasing an item:

To purchase an item or ask questions, you can contact me by using the Questions and Order Form above.  Please be sure to include you email address if you would like me to get back to you, okay. ..I've gotten lovely emails before with a name but no return address, and it makes me so sad to have one feel I may have left him/her hanging. 

Upon your inquiry, I will get back to you within the next day unless I am away.  I will send you an invoice outlining the total cost including shipping and payment options.  I will need to hear back from you within 24 hours if you would like me to hold the item for you.  Once we have contacted eachother, I will hold the item(s) for up to one week...this does not include "the holding items" period mentioned below.  If sending payment through the mail, I will need to know that payment WILL BE sent within this time period, but it does not have to arrive within a long as we make arrangements.  If you need to set up a payment plan, I am open to it!  I only ask that you be honest with me when it comes to making payment arrangements, so that I can configure it into my income.

Holding an Item:

I am so sorry, but lately when it comes to holding item(s),  I have been spun around way too much that it has affected my family's income.  Because of this, I feel the need to lay out some guidelines.

I can hold an item for one additional week if you are able to place 20% of the purchase price down via PAYPAL.  If you do not have a paypal account, I will accept 10% down via express mail.  (10% is only required because of the cost of express mail).  The deposit is a down payment, meaning that the amount paid does go towards your purchase. However, please note that the deposit is nonrefundable if you choose not to purchase the item(s) on hold.  I hope that you will understand, as placing items on hold deters other potential customers from purchasing an item.

Accepted Forms of Payment:

***I accept payment via Paypal or money order in US currency only, please***

A check is acceptable, but shipment will be delayed until the check has cleared.  Please do not send cash in the mail.  I do not want to put either of us at risk when it comes to receiving payment.

Custom Orders:

I'm so sorry, I only do custom work for plus and petite sizing.  On some occassions, such as after Christmas, I will open my gallery to a limited number of custom orders.  These spots can fill up quickly, so once a notification is placed on my HOME page, I suggest you drop me an email as soon as possible if you are interested.  If the spots are filled, please check out my LINKS page to continue your search to find something special!  I have an amazing directory of artists listed there!


Returns will be accepted only if a piece has been misrepresented in the description or if there are any flaws in the garment prior to receiving it.  Return requests must be made within a 24 hour period upon the garment's arrival.  Sizing is clearly stated in the item's description, so please make note of the measurments before making a purchase.  I cannot accept returns if the garment does not fit properly.

Trade or Partial Trade:

As a fellow artisan, I am a collector as well.  :c)  On occassion, if our budget allows it, I am willing to consider a trade or partial trade, especially during the holiday season!  *WINK*WINK*


A Little About My Work

Aside from a few everyday wears such as pillow tanks, dreadwraps, and petticoats, each piece I make evolves from a momental click, inspired by life's journey and that tickling urge to create.  I feel this makes each individual piece unique, with its own identity.  You will find no other like it and I will not make another.  Once it is purchased, it will be yours alone.

I am an experienced seamstress.  I have extreme gratitude for those that have helped me along the way, and with over 20 years of garment construction experience, you will find that the quality is durable, sharp, and simply exquisite when it comes to construction.

...many thanks for stopping by

Gallery Policies & Info...
Please read carefully...thank you!