Hey there sweeties…..I can remember ever since I was little my mama sewing clothes for me.  She tried so hard to get me into sewing (she was a home economics teacher).…..but I was quite the tomboy who wanted nothing to do with any of that girlieness! It wasn’t until later in life that I began to greatly appreciate the gift my mama tried so hard to give me. I have been blessed that sewing has given me freedom to explore life, and support my daughter while in school and so much other goodness! I have been sewing for over ten years now (…. where does time go!)  I make each piece with my Pfaff sewing machine, Bernina serger, and all my creative love and energy.

I want to THANK Hazel for allowing me an outlet for some of my creative flow! THANKS! I have know her for many years now and am grateful for all the beautiful times we have had…..early days of sewing together, workin at the import store, Dayton house, all the shows…..I am so thankful our paths have crossed again (it was in the stars)!

           Besides my enthusiasm for sewing, I have a deep passion for plants (playin in the dirt is good for the soul!)  This past year, a sista of mine and I started our own greenhouse business.  We mainly grow plugs for farmers and landscapers, and grow a few annuals, heirloom veggies and perennials that we wholesale to Co-ops, garden centers, etc. throughout the Twin Cities.  We also farm a small plot of cutflowers and veggie goodness that we sell at a few local farmers markets (We grow Chemical Free….certification is unfortunately too expensive for us right now, plus I have mixed emotions on the whole government control of Organic standards). The greenhouse keeps us busy…..we grow over 31,000 square feet of greenhouse space…..and it’s just the two of us!  I am really grateful that I am able to explore my dream and see where this path leads me!

           I love the freedom that sewing and owning my own business gives me to spend time with my beautiful daughter (10- years old), lovin boyfriend, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and all my family and friends! I want to let you know how I appreciate all of you for takin the time to look and helpin make my dream (and other artists) come true!


~*Happy are we, who hath the power to gather wisdom from a flower*~  


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Pictures from Our Nursery
Pictures from Our Nursery
Our fuzzy furry Kin
Our fuzzy furry Kin